A heartfelt bravura album from Raphael Clarkson and his collaborators, charting a journey from a dense emotional chaos out of which there finally emerges a joyful and passionate sense of deliverance

John Potter

Hilliard Ensemble, Dowland Project, ECM artist (2017)

A triumph…brave, original music

Ian Mann (2017)

"Raph Clarkson is one of the rising stars of the U.K. improv scene...the LP continues a great lineage in the U.K. for poetry and jazz"

A Guide to UK Jazz in 2017 (2017)

"What’s best described as a theatrical production, this wild session led by trombonist Raph Clarkson possesses a narrative script and a fearlessness to diverge from it at will. Sung vocals, spoken word, a large ensemble jazz roar, and a chamber jazz deep introspection all play a part in this sprawling work that features a string trio, trumpeter Laura Jurd, and vocalist Fini Bearman among its numbers. It’s a pretty thrilling album in its own right, but considering this is a debut, it makes it just that much more promising. This is just one of those unconventional albums where stringing together descriptive words falls far short of the value from just hitting the play button and listening straight through to the album’s final note."

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